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Course duration 3h54mins.
Welcome, In this course you will learn tracking and replacement in Mocha Pro 2019 for After Effects.

After a brief tour of the interface, I will show you the techniques for tracking several types of shots and placing logos or replacing screens, car registration plates, posters and more even when there is something obstructing the way like a hand interacting the with the screen.

There are no visual effects without tracking, and in planar tracking, Mocha Pro rules, and you will learn how to master it.

Course Curriculum

01. Introduction to Mocha Pro tracking for After Effects 00:00:28
02. Mocha Pro Interface 00:17:00
03. Tracking – add logos and posters – FighterJet Landing scene 00:52:00
04. Tracking – add logos to a moving object – FighterJet Flying 00:10:00
05. Difficult tracks – Aircraft taxi scene 00:23:00
06. Several replacements with one tracking – Wing scene 00:19:00
07. Change car registration plate 1st example 00:14:00
08. Change car registration plate 2nd example 00:08:00
09. Screen replacement and add back reflections 00:20:00
10. A hand obstructing the tracking 00:24:00
11. Adjust Track 00:46:00

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